Hello world!

1 (78)This blog will chart the journeys of participants to the Environmental Art Festival Scotland, Morton Castle, 29th and 30th of August 2015.

It is interactive and a documentation experiment aiming to engage, encourage and inspire the individual to chart their expectations, experiences, and thoughts – the hidden narratives – on the journey to the Festival.

You are invited to share your thoughts on 3 Questions. The first one is at the end of this post. The second will be posed during the Festival and the third after the event.

Map your journey in a journey diary. This can be in any media you like, hard copy, electronically, photography, drawing, collecting, sticking, pasting, singing, writing, dancing…

What you want to capture in your journey diary is up to you: coordinates, routes, pictures of street signs, the weather, encounters, surprises, people, challenges, conversations, environments, conditions, temperature, what ever you feel is worth while recording in words, writing, shape, form, sound, smell (?), taste or image.

You can share your diary here or keep it all to yourself.

Bare with me in curating this, it is a first and ambitious project. But in the context of our contemporary World, the pilgrimage to Nature and Art is also an expression of the search of values other than materialistic or financial in recognition of our humanity and the challenges we face.

I want to capture the dynamics, conditions, and environment of this event and encourage participants to contribute to the future narratives of how, what and why we value Art outside the Art market, museum collections and gallery spaces.

This documentation itself is a journey into the unknown, I do not know what it may reveal, or where it’ll lead to.

My only expectations of this endeavor are a lot of inspiration and busy occasionally frentic documentation, recording and thinking.

And here is the first Question:

1. What are your expectations of your destination?