One week to go!

Simon Starling, ‘tabernas desert run’

Next week at this time I may be on my way to Morton Castle. I am not yet quite sure as to when I should set off.

I would appreciate some degree of daylight while embarking on putting up my tent. And I psych myself up for the weather or more precisely I am hatching various contingency plans to prepare for what ever the climatic conditions above Morton Castle may conjure up over the weekend.

‘Waterproof’ is of importance, for three days and two nights in rain are testing enough even with the knowledge to be able to seek shelter inside a warm building…a thin layer of fabric between myself and the elements will neither be much use of retaining any warmth and dryness. ‘Warmth’ and ‘Dryness’ shall be what I am aiming to achieve over the weekend; so fleecy top and wind and waterproof jacket, spare pairs of woolly socks, and a soft and fluffy pillow are essentials.

On the other hand I am looking forward to experiencing the elements, the weather and the flora and fauna in the environment as the backdrop or ‘gallery space’ for the performances of art projects, works and participants.

So I have been thinking as to how I prepare for this event. I quickly discarded the attempt to remain the objective conservator during this festival, simply because it wouldn’t be possible anyway for any subjective being- but also I would just impose barriers on myself hindering my experience of it all. And that would be a fundamental flaw in attempting to capture it.

I am also attempting to travel and camp ‘light’, for practical and philosophical reasons. The plan is to challenge myself to take the absolute bare minimum required to allow me to take care of myself and others (out there in nature!), while being engaged and focused to document the dynamics and their energy conversions.

I am also planning to test my ingenuity in adapting what is around me to create comfort and to appreciate the short time away from everyday distractions to recharge my ‘soul’.

I didn’t and still don’t know what exactly my expectations of my destination are, I don’t even know what the destination actually may be?

I do realise however that my thoughts and preparation for the festival are akin to a pilgrimage, a journey or search for moral or spiritual significance.

Art, environment, people and festival make for an inspiring destination.

2 thoughts on “One week to go!

  1. The bicycle or the work ‘Tabernas Desert Run’ is by Simon Starling, he modified it with a hydrogen cylinder which powered the bicycle on his journey through the ‘desert’ in Andalusia, where all the ‘Spaghetti’ Western films were filmed. He collected the condensation H2O from the Hydrogen fuel and painted a water colour of a cactus (on the back of the case the bicycle is in) which is one of those that were planted in the desert for the film sets-it isn’t native to the environment but has taken over…


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