Last post before the journey to the Environmental Art Festival Scotland – beginning of new ones…

So this is the evening before I will set off…there is still time to contribute to the Question: ‘what are your expectations of your destination?’, before you set off.

I got the old tent out of the cupboard, the sleeping bag and my mental list of things to take.

There is one more day at work and after that I’ll set off. I will be journeying by car, for time and transport (of stuff) with a wee camera attached to it as I thought I film the entire journey. My initial idea was to hire a scooter- a Vespa- but that failed as I didn’t come across any scooter hires here in Scotland.

When I moved up to Scotland from the North of England in 2002 I did so on my Vespa (which got stolen a year later and trashed by being set on fire by some kids). What takes about two hours by car took me about 9 hours on my 50cc scooter. But it was fun; a beautiful September day, and I had various stops at small cafes and it felt a bit like I imagine going on a journey on horse back.

I hope I’ll get to the site before darkness (I’ll take my daughters torch with me) and that the weather won’t be too ‘Scottish’ over the duration of my stay.

I expect to wake up with some aches and pains the morning after the first night and hope there may be some sort of ‘a cup of tea’ brewing somewhere I can get hold off.

I am currently baking some ‘Cinnamon Swirls’ I hope to enjoy and share and exchange for other little treats.

I am very much looking forward to it all- but in particular to experience people in a non urban environment, with none of the usual distractions. Being in the middle of a rather stressful work schedule this Festival couldn’t be at a better time- I expect to unwind and simultaneously re charge- and when I return I will be right back at work installing a big exhibition.

Simon Starling ‘Tabernas Desert Run’ condition checked and prepared for installation

Contrasting experiences and conditions but nevertheless processes and dynamics between and with people in different environments; from experience of culture to the display of physical manifestations of contemporary culture.

It’s all about people, processes, dynamics, environment and conditions – journeys shaping, and creating experiences of and with Art.

Hope to see you there!

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