Remember those?

Does anyone do diary’s nowadays?

My first diary was all about my secrets (age 8), and to make sure no one would read and discover the secrets I recorded in there, I wrote in capital letters: STEPH’S SECRETS, DO NOT READ! which as you can imagine achieved the total opposite…

I had a poem diary for my school mates to write poetry in and do little drawings or add special stickers into it. I should add that everyone had one, it was some kind of rite of passage when starting school.

I also had travel diaries, which started very enthusiastically, recording times and duration of train journeys, destinations, food I ate, expenditures, encounters, and even the time I went to bed, after two days the entries were the date only…

Another diary which I treasure most, was a beautiful hand made old note book from my flat mate we used to write notes in, who called, who to call, where we went, when we’ll be back, shopping lists, party planning, matters of the heart, all sorts of conversations recorded in a book.

Other diaries which so far haven’t been collated by myself consist of music and songs which have a certain significance to different chapters during my life, or when listening to them conjure up memories of people, experiences and feelings. One day I should do the playlist of my life. That is likely to be an under taking as much of the music is recorded on media such as vinyl, tape, digital and totally non tangible ‘clouds’. I have to find a record and cassette player to access these, as my interest in music started at a time before computers (can anyone remember these?!) and are not avaiable in today’s formats, media.

Which brings me to the point of ‘the diary’. As I mentioned, for your diary of your journey to the EAFS you can decide and choose which media you like to record what on or with. The only thing I like to mention to you here is: think how the message can be ‘transmitted’ through time. If you choose to express yourself in song or poetry, dance or performance, this for example could see you singing, reciting, dancing or performing to others or maybe shared with a person close to you. Nursery rhymes, poems, and / or folk songs are all examples of preserving (recording and communicating) a message through sound and movement.

If you choose to visualise your journey either through photography, collecting of trinkets, drawings, etc… think about the permanence of the media you use. Digital photography is great, but you always require an up to date computer and software to access those images. Printing them makes them readily accessible and paper has a preservation life span of bout 100 years in contrast to digital media’s 7 years.

What about the size and ease of use ? Important details; since it is a diary of your journey- it should be easy to access for quick entries, notes, additions, etc. A smartphone or laptop is great if you venture about in urban environments but the scenery of Morton castle may lack plugs to re charge batteries and considering the summer we had so far…is it water proof your electrical gizmo?

I will be there (at the EAFS) with my tent and some sort of recording set up, most likely very analogue and ‘old fashioned’, but ready to listen, record and document.

Since this is all about the journey as a dynamic process I hope to trace individual journeys direction, diversions and strands, starting before you (and me) set off.

To have your journey traced just answer the question below. You can either post a comment under this post or the previous one, or go to pages and leave a reply there with your name (or pseudonym), so I can allocate comments to individuals.

If you choose to express yourself in a media that is physical and hence difficult to send digitally; take a photo, make a film, or bring it to the EAFS and I will record.

And here is the question to answer before you set off:

1. What are your expectations of your destination?

Panoramic view documentation, test of method in Goma’s learning and education studio. For conservation documentation of Installation Art




4 thoughts on “Diary

  1. Denise Zygadlo (via Email on 26/08/2015)

    1. Last week I made the journey from my home – Glenhead in Auldgirth
    DG2 0TR to Morton Castle – in stages, as far as the eye can see. I
    stopped and took a photo of the road ahead and marked the
    stage on anything nearby without vandalising hopefully e.g. 5 EAFS
    2015 written on a telegraph pole.
    There were 75 stages and I am posting them in blocks on my facebook
    page – Denise Zygadlo https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.864618490281746.1073741847.164521613624774&type=3

    – in an album – EAFS 2015. I am also in the
    process of making a zigzag (Zygzag!) book with the road photos on one
    side and the numbered posts on the other. I hope to bring the finished
    item to you on site.
    I regret I did not walk the journey (10 + miles) I took the car for a
    walk, but have subsequently topped up out of focus shots by redoing
    parts of the trip on my bike!

    2. I have used 4 interesting looking old boxes to secrete somewhere on
    the EAFS site. Each box alludes to aspects of the festival
    activities / artists in some way and is loosely connected to an
    element – so I have one for water, fire, air and earth. Inside I have
    packed interesting / beautiful objects that are mysteriously
    connected,but may only make sense to particular people who may come
    across them or not, – but they are intriguing and I hope will provoke
    some interest if discovered.

    I have taken a photo record of each object and the boxes themselves,
    should they disappear – hopefully they will remain in tact, but I give
    them to the festival with the understanding that anything could
    happen. If they survive perhaps they could journey onwards.


  2. I made a journey to the EAFS site this week in stages from my home Glenhead, Auldgirth. Each stage was as far as the eye can see and then I marked the spot on whatever I could find without damage. Photographs of each stage is in the album EAFS 2015 on my fb page: Denise Zygadlo

    My expectation on that day was to get there in a couple of hours and enjoy the sunny day and looking about, but it took me 5 and it started to rain. I did find some beautiful roadside wild flowers and a collected a pile of trash along the way. The delight did become a bit of a task – 75 bends in the road! but worth the exercise, although I did take my car for a walk this time – maybe when I address the destination on EAFS weekend my expectation will be quite different – still to think about that.


  3. Linda Mallett

    I was asked to contribute to this strand because I had thought I would make something of my journey to EAFS. Then I found another little project I would like to do there, and lugging everything I need on foot or by bike just seemed a bit too much.

    So… what I am aiming to do, is to collect, on and around the site, materials suitable for reasonably permanent mark-making. Essentially, sourcing and grinding pigments from the rocks, soil, charcoal, etc. With these I will make a series of small abstract paintings/drawings on paper that grow out of my experiences there. (Yes, I could make the paper too, but not in a weekend. I’ll bring that.)

    Then, and this is the bit that in many ways interests me most, I will attempt to barter or otherwise exchange my ‘product’ for other products or services, on site or in the future. This grows out of a lifelong antipathy about trying to make at least part of my living by selling a product for prices I couldn’t afford to people who may or may not have much relationship with the process or product. In other words, antipathy or at least ambivalence to art as a luxury commodity.

    This process of exchange will hopefully also address issues of what my time and skills are worth to anyone else – how much is my art worth to you? Make me an offer.

    Hence part of the project is an ongoing discussion on the value of art, to artist, consumer and society. What is art?

    As I don’t imagine all this will neatly take place before the end of the EAFS weekend, maybe it will become about the ongoing journey from EAFS rather then to it.

    I will try and add my thoughts and progress as I go… some images too.


    1. Linda Mallett

      Project developments…

      I’ve been ‘practicing’ by collecting material for pigments in the immediate environment where I live (Kirkcudbright area) and seeing what is required to process them.

      It’s been fun. I’ve so far got about 12 different colours, mostly oranges, yellows, greys and browns. I can use them as paints pretty much straight from the ground, but get far better results grinding and sieving them. However, this all takes more time than I’m going to manage in a weekend, so I’m expecting cruder results at the event. But hey, can’t crudeness be a value?

      I have at least figured out what I need to bring with me: hammer, trowel, buckets, sieves, stone to grind with and stone to grind on. And paper and brushes. Some sun would help too – making watercolours in the rain can be tricky.

      I’m currently far more interested in the process and what to do with the outcome, than the actual product – that gets quite scary, producing ‘art’ at an ‘arts event’, then discussing it with ‘artists’.


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