The Art of Expedition

Preparation-30th June 2015, Jen wrote:

Kettelton Reservoir is a huge space. Funds are minimal & our team is small..

– Robbie mentioned that the fishermen have offered their services/a boat for H&S? Could EAFS chase them up on this? Or get in touch with local coastguard services? It would be helpful to keep an eye on the public using the space, (not the kayak or artists!)

– Will we have access to festival stewards, who could man ‘stations’ (for public interaction), if required?

– Do you know where we can get access to a batch of old/used binoculars? We are keen on the idea of creating a bino installation on top of the ridge (looking down to Kettelton Res – public interaction). Also, if you know of an artist who’d be keen to create this installation, please let us know?!

Saturday 29th August 2015:

DSC_6311Setting off on an expedition, equipped with map(ish), water, food and great company, to place a box with binoculars at the ‘viewpoint’


DSC_6409Looking out for the Kayaks